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a tearoom in Jamesburg

One Steep at a Thyme

Elegantly Victorian...Graciously Country

December 2020

Dear Guests, The Tearoom is permanently closed.

I thank every one of you for the generosity you have shown over the years. Please continue to stay safe and well! 

Warm Regards,



know us

Our History

In December 2009, my husband and I purchased a wonderful Victorian home, rich in history, charm and elegance to be the setting of our Tea Room. It beckoned you into the parlor for a “cuppa tea”.

Owning and operating a Tea Room where friends gather & share time together was an experience we looked forward to bringing to others. The inner peace of time, reflection and companionship as we embarked on the journey of life opened doors, warmed souls and nourished the spirit. In today’s economy, taking tea is still a luxury that can be embraced and shared.

We offered our full service Afternoon Tea Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  On Thursday and Friday, Guests enjoyed a lighter, 5-course tea service.  Our complete 7-course tea service was served on Saturday and Sunday.  Both tea services were 2-hours as guests relaxed and experienced our gracious Victorian home. Seatings were by Reservation Only which ensured our guests time with us was our primary focus.

We looked forward to the time our guests spent with us, trusting us to met their tea service needs as we hosted their special event. Whether it was an intimate gathering with a close friend or a celebration milestone event with a group, the smallest details of their tea experience was important to us. Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

May your memories of tea include One Steep at a Thyme.

Warmest Regards,

The Hippeli Family

Afternoon Tea was our Special-Tea

taste the difference

Guests enjoyed a complete 7-course tea service exclusively accompanied by an extensive premium loose leaf tea menu developed by owner, Kathy, a Certified Tea Sommelier.  Kathy carefully selected the over 125+ teas offered and guided guests through the perfect tea choice.  Her menu reflected her passion for elegantly presented "comfort" food, carefully prepared and representing the tastes of the season.

Tea of the Month

Seasonal selection of loose leaf teas to accompany menu

1st Course – Soup*

Choice of seasonal soups including our Award Winning French Onion & Roasted Cream of Mushroom

2nd Course - House Salad*

Seasonal salad with homemade dressing

3rd Course -Quiche/Strada

Choice of warm and deliciously prepared seasonal

quiche  or strada

4th Course - Scone Selection*

Baked fresh selection of seasonal scones complimented with cream, lemon curd and jam

5th Course - Tea Sandwiches*

An elegantly presented assortment of savories and delicate tea sandwiches which compliment

 the seasonal menu

6th Course -Dessert Selection*

A delicately elegant selection of sweets and homemade desserts to compliment the celebration of the season

7th Course - Seasonal Finish

Finally, refresh and reflect on your afternoon tea with a seasonal finish to cleanse your palette  


What's in your cuppa?

 steeped with care

Tea is a beverage that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways…Hot, Iced, RTD (or ready to drink) bottled variety.  Its origination is from a single plant source, the camellia sinensis and is grown in regions like India, China and Japan where the plant thrives on the local growing conditions and climate.  White, Green, Oolong, Black, an Pu'erh have all grown in popularity.  Health, wealth and just that it plain old tastes good.  Enjoying tea is a very personal experience based on your own preferences.  In general, there is a tea for most all flavor palates.

While herbal teas are not sourced from the camellia sinensis plant, they are ever popular just the same.  They are naturally decaffeinated and come in a variety of blended flavors of fruits, herbs and flowers.  Popular are Tisanes and Rooibos.

Our extensive premium loose leaf tea menu was developed by our owner, Kathy, a Certified Tea Sommelier.  Kathy has carefully selected the over 125+ teas offered and our staff will guide you through the perfect tea choice.

All of the teas offered in the tearoom are available for purchase.  Continue to enjoy your teas long after your visit.


There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. 

~Henry James

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